Simplification of CAP must not dilute green measures, says MEP

On a Devon dairy farm
On a Devon dairy farm

Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, has written to the Commission warning that simplifying the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) must not become a euphemism for abandoning green measures. She is also calling for the advantages of such measures to be better communicated to farmers. Dr Scott Cato who sits on the European Parliament’s Agricultural Committee said:

“Ensuring effective implementation of high environmental and animal and public health standards throughout EU agriculture is a valuable use of taxpayers’ money. The intended benefits of these standards must be better communicated to farmers through improved training and knowledge transfer. There also needs to be better monitoring and analysis of whether, and if so how, greening measures are bringing the environmental benefits they were intended to.”

In the letter, Dr Scott Cato also raises concerns about how greening the CAP has been weakened by loopholes and exemptions and has repeated a call for small farmers to gain most from CAP payments. She said:

“The lack of a ceiling for basic payments means that the CAP is still biased in favour of industrial-scale agriculture, rather than smaller-scale farmers and the biodiversity they can bring. CAP should move towards a system where all payments are based on the environmental benefits which agriculture can ensure.”