e-news 27th February 2015

This edition of Molly’s e-news has a heavy focus on the South West as Molly has spend a week of the last fortnight visiting different parts of the region during her ‘constituency week’.

Pushing for amendments to protect South West food producers from TTIP

Molly has pushed for a series of Green amendments to TTIP, as the European Parliament has been considering its position on the controversial trade deal this week. She presented the amendments to the European Parliament’s Agricultural Committee, of which she is a member. Molly says:

“It seems for the sake of a trade agreement we are prepared to sacrifice high agricultural and animal welfare standards.”

The amendments tabled include defence of the precautionary principle, which Greens believe is essential to ensure the highest level of animal and human health, and a requirement for each party to the Treaty to adopt the standards of whichever authority sets these standards highest. Molly concluded:

“My role as a South West MEP is to defend the highest standards of agriculture in terms of safety and human and animal health and welfare. These standards are seriously at risk as a result of harmonisation with standards in the US. The amendments the Greens are proposing will resist any attempt to lower these standards.”

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Link: http://ttip2014.eu/qa.html

GM crops to be forced on us

Molly has accused MPs of forcing GM food on the British public, despite the fact that almost 80% of the British public are opposed. The green light by the The Science and Technology Committee of the House of Commons follows a new system of regulation agreed in the European Parliament in January, allowing countries to ban GM crops, but also for countries to opt in and grow GM crops. Molly says:

This is a full-scale assault on a ban that is widely supported by the public. I am disappointed to see that the Science and Technology Committee has come down so strongly on the side of corporate-funded science and ignored the many scientists world-wide who continue to express their concerns about GM.”
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Five star fish on the menu!

Molly was invited to proclaim Bournemouth & Poole as the world’s first Sustainable Fish City, awarding them their fifth and final star.

The Sustainable Fish Cities Programme is an initiative of an alliance of not-for-profit organisations that have been campaigning on marine conservation and sustainable fishing. The Bournemouth & Poole Sustainable Food City Partnership were the first to meet all of the requirements of a Sustainable Fish City, which include targets for schools and council catering, hospitals, universities, and workplaces. To achieve Sustainable Fish City status only fish from sustainable sources or those that carry the Marine Stewardship Council logo are used. Molly said:

This initiative provides a really positive boost to those of us campaigning to protect dwindling fish stocks and ultimately boost fisheries yields in the future.”

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Yes to wind

The economic and environmental benefits of wind energy were championed by Molly on a visit to Charminster, near Dorchester. Molly visited High Burton Farm and the site of the proposed Slyer’s Lane wind farm to hear first-hand the benefits of renewable energy to the economy in the South West. Molly says:

The South West has the greatest potential for renewable energy anywhere in England and Wales and the sector can provide thousands of jobs. Renewables also offer opportunities for community ownership, taking the power out of the hands of giant corporations and giving it back to the people.”