GM crops to be forced on British public say Greens

Molly Scott Cato has accused MPs of forcing GM food on an unwilling British public, following a recommendation by the The Science and Technology Committee of the House of Commons [1]. The growing of GM crops remains deeply unpopular, with almost 80% of the British public opposed [2].

The green light by the Committee follows a new system of regulation agreed in the European Parliament in January that replaces a Europe wide ban on GM crops with an in-out option. This allows countries to ban GM crops, but also for countries to opt in and grow crops that have passed the EU’s GMO authorisation process. Greens warned at the time that the new regulations threatened to ‘open the floodgates on GM’ where governments support the technology. Molly Scott Cato MEP said:

“This is a full-scale assault on a ban that is widely supported by the public. This rush to get GM crops in the ground is happening because of Owen Paterson’s collusion with Biotech firms while he was environment secretary. The opt-out, opt-in option and an end to the moratorium was something he pushed for with the full backing of the biotech industry. I am disappointed to see that the Science and Technology Committee has come down so strongly on the side of corporate-funded science and ignored the many scientists world-wide who continue to express their concerns about GM.“


[1] The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee is due to announce on Thursday morning that “The scientific evidence is clear that crops developed using genetic modification pose no more risk to humans, animals or the environment than equivalent crops developed using more ‘conventional’ techniques.” They will seek to give the green light to the growing of GM crops in Britain.