Give devolved powers to the West

Published in the Western Morning News: Monday 2nd February 2015

WMN_letter_Cornwall 01.02.15.imageThe new money [1] offered to the South West region this week by George Osborne pales into insignificance when you consider the devastating impact of austerity cuts on the region. It is also dwarfed by the millions of pounds worth of EU funds earmarked for Cornwall that are put at risk by Tory threats to leave the Union. We have also heard many times about the ‘strong case’ for investment in the region’s railways, yet wait endlessly for the necessary money to create a truly resilient regional railway system.

Rather than this pre-election gimmickry, Mr Osborne would do better by protecting Euro-funded projects in Cornwall, something the South West TUC is also calling for. Crucially, there needs to be devolved powers to Cornwall and other parts of the South West so we can decide our own destiny and how to best allocate funds to build a resilient local economy.