A million #NoTTIP signatures for Juncker’s 60th birthday

Molly and other Greens  joined representatives of civil society from across Europe today to present EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker with a very large 60th birthday present – a million strong petition against the controversial TTIP trade treaty.

Greens have been at the forefront of a campaign against the proposed US-EU trade deal, saying it threatens environmental and social standards and would potentially allow corporations to sue governments over laws and regulations that affect their profits. Concerns over the contentious deal have prompted a massive Europe-wide campaign with thousands of citizens signing petitions, organising street demonstrations, and attending public meetings.

Molly has also signed a letter to the new Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmström [1], requesting she reconsider the decision taken by the previous Commission to reject TTIP as a suitable subject for a Citizens Initiative. She said:

“I am deeply concerned about the increasingly unaccountable power of multinational corporations in European societies as well as within the EU institutions themselves. A million citizens from Europe are demanding that their voices be heard; we urge the Commission to listen.”

Fellow Green MEP for the South East, Keith Taylor, said:

“TTIP negotiators cannot continue to ignore public opinion. If the deal goes ahead, foreign investors will be able to sue governments using secret courts if their profits are threatened by national laws. That means we’d be a step clos­er to corporations writing laws instead of Governments. The public don’t want this as shown very clearly by the 1 million people who signed the petition”.