e-news 13th November 2014

‘Act Or Go’: Molly’s challenge to Juncker

Molly’s proposal to call on Commission President Claude Jean Juncker to ‘Act Or Go’ (#ActOrGo) over the so-called ‘Lux Leaks’ tax avoidance scam was agreed by the Green Group of MEPs. And the plan paid off, with Juncker pressured into an appearance before the whole Parliament to hear their concerns over how he could have presided over such a scandal while President of Luxembourg. A recent investigation led to the revelations that Luxembourg has been facilitating millions of pounds in tax evasion by multinationals. Molly says:

“Corporate tax avoidance deprives governments of the revenue they need to invest and that could bring an end to the destructive politics of austerity. Only the Green Group were pushing for Juncker to appear and explain himself to the Parliament. He did show but denied he had anything to do with the tax avoidance scandal. Given he was Prime Minister and finance minister for 15 years he was either asleep on the job or economical with the truth.”  

What is Europe doing for Cornwall?

During her October ‘constituency week’, Molly visited a range of projects in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly which have benefited from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Convergence Programme Molly says:

“It was really encouraging to see how ERDF funding has been used to help support some truly inspirational initiatives. It’s clear European investment is helping create the right environment to allow people and businesses new and innovative opportunities as well as helping to regenerate historic buildings and boost the region’s cultural and artistic heritage.”

The ERDF Convergence Programme has invested approximately €458 million in Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly since 2007 and aims to build a stronger economy for the region. More on Molly’s tour of Cornwall

TTIP panel in Bristol

Molly joined a panel discussion on the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) EU-US trade deal in Bristol. TTIP has risen sharply up the political agenda and this was reflected by the fact that around 500 people attended the event organised by Bristol Friends of the Earth.

The question time style event also include MPs, a TUC representative and Executive Director of campaign organisation, Positive Money. By all accounts (and see Twitter #BrisTTIP), Molly received the warmest reception of any politician on the panel. You can judge for yourself! Watch the debate here

Molly has also received over 5000 emails on TTIP. If you were one of the many who contacted her on this important issue, a response is available on the website.

Molly welcomes Young Greens to Brussels

Molly and fellow MEP Keith Taylor spoke to a group of around 30 Young Greens who were visiting the European Parliament. Young Greens are the student and youth branch of the Green Party. They have seen a 100% increase in membership so far this year. Visit their website for further details.

Media appearances

During her constituency week in Cornwall, Molly appeared on BBC Sunday Politics South West alongside Conservative MP Geoffrey Cox and Labour MP Alison Seabeck.  Issues discussed included the idea of an electoral pact between the LibDems and the Greens (something comprehensively rejected by Molly and other Green Party members in the South West), energy, planning policy and fishing.