Response to questions on TTIP

Thank you for your message to Molly Scott Cato MEP expressing your concerns regarding the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) trade deal.  We have received over 5,000 emails on this subject and we are sorry that we cannot respond individually to each.  If your message contained enquiries other than a general concern about TTIP, please contact us again. 

Molly shares your concerns about TTIP and highlighted these issues during her successful election campaign, when we worked hard to bring the threat of TTIP to public attention, but found that the media were extremely resistant. 

The aspect which Molly finds most disturbing are the proposals for Investor State Dispute Settlement, since these have the potential to seriously undermine democracy.  She is concerned that some of the most likely uses of such new corporate powers are likely to be in the health sector.  She has also written about the threats to the precautionary principle and to our high environmental and animal welfare standards.

During July the Green Group questioned M Juncker who is now President of the Commission and he stated that he shared some of our concerns, especially around ISDS and the lack of judicial oversight, so perhaps there is some cause for hope there.  In addition the new Trade Commissioner Cecilia Maestrom similar raised concerns about ISDS during her response to questions from the parliament.  The Green Group has this at the top of our priorities for this legislative session, and have a blog: TTIP: What Lies Beneath at which you might be interested in following. 

Molly won’t be personally involved in TTIP discussions since she has chosen to serve on the Economics Committee rather than the Trade Committee, but all Members of the Green Group will be fighting hard to mobilise public opinion against TTIP.  To this end Molly took part in the Day of Action organised by the 38 Degrees pressure group on Saturday 11th October which you can view here (Molly is carrying one of the Ts in the walking billboard!)  She is taking part in a debate [UPDATE August 2015: Link no longer available] with prominent members of other parties in Bristol on Saturday 8th November, for which free tickets are available.

Here are some other links which provide an insight on what Molly has been doing on this issue:

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These are also useful links to discussions in the House of Commons and the House of Lords

Caroline Lucas also tabled an Early Day Motion last year which received 38 signatures:

Many thanks for writing to Molly on this hugely important issue.  I can assure you that the Green Party will be opposing TTIP.  May I suggest that if you have not already done so, you might want to lobby MEPs of parties that have not stated their opposition to TTIP (ie ALL of them) as it is these opinions that have to be won over.