e-news 27th November 2014

e-news sent on 27th November 2014. Issues include: ‘LuxLeaks’, banking reform, plastic waste, TTIP, a visit to the Christmwas Without Cruelty Fair in Exeter and nomination for European Parliamentarian of the Year!

South West Green MEP nominated as Parliamentarian of the Year

The first Green MEP for the South West, Molly Scott Cato, is in line for a ‘Green Ribbon’ award for European Parliamentarian of the Year tomorrow. She is nominated for her ‘impressive performance as a newly elected MEP’.  The Green Ribbon Political Awards (ciwem.org/greenribbon/) are awarded to politicians, businesses and NGOs both in the UK and … Read more

e-news 13th November 2014

e-news sent on 13th November 2014. Issues include: a challenge to Commission President Juncker on the Luxleaks scandal, Molly’s visit to Cornwall to find out what European funding is doing to support the region and her appearance on a TTIP panel in Bristol.

Waging peace in an era of militarisation

Published on Remembrance Day, Molly argues that the militarisation of society has become normalised and that war and its thousands of victims have become part of the scenery of our lives. She suggests there is a risk that the red poppy itself, that poignant symbol of loss and respect, is being hijacked by a particular interpretation of what it means to be patriotic.