Biodiversity offsetting

Molly has jointly signed a letter to the European Commission on an initiative on ‘No Net Loss of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services’ which expresses concerns that EU proposals will allow ‘biodiversity offsetting’ as a means of justifying development projects that damage biodiversity.

Extract: Biodiversity loss and the failure to achieve biodiversity targets are serious issues that concern the global community, and threaten to result in loss of ecosystem functionality and the services it provides, impacting species conservation, animal welfare, food and water security, environmental quality, economic prosperity and societal stability.

Offsetting should not be used as a means of justifying development projects that damage biodiversity, and which would otherwise be rejected through the planning process. Offsetting amounts to an attempt to commodify nature. In the vast majority of cases it will be impossible to replace complex and important habitats; they cannot simply be offset.

Letter in full: MEPs_Com_Biodiversity Offsetting