Response to ‘Grave Turner’ attack on human rights and homosexuality

Molly has responded to an anonymous writer in the South Molton Times writing under the pseudonym of Grave Turner. In the article the writer deplores Human Rights legislation, blaming it for ‘overturning well founded taboos’, citing homosexuality as an example. He goes on to describe homosexuality as an aberration and says people who ‘suffer from it’ should-be treated with sympathy and understanding. He describes gay pride as ‘aggressive’ promotion of homosexuality and Peter Tatchell, the well respected gay Green human rights campaigner, as ‘thoroughly odious’. He concludes that ‘homosexuality has gone from persecution, to permission, and thence promotion.’

Responding to the column, Molly said:  

“I am immensely proud to represent the South West; our people in all their diversity are our greatest asset. Sadly there are a few odious characters of whom we are not proud. The coward calling himself ‘Grave Turner’, who hides behind a veil of anonymity, is sadly not alone. His ignorance and prejudice are shared by some very unsavoury characters in other parts of Europe too. The importance of Human Rights legislation is made clear by this very nasty article attacking it. It offers important protection to LGBT people from just the sort of prejudices and hatred that ‘Grave Turner’ espouses. I will do all I can as an MEP to uphold and strengthen EU law on human rights.”