Brussels Revolving Door Leads Straight to the City

Huffington Post blog Published 10th Sept 2014  Molly writing with her Green colleague Sven Giegold who both sit on the European Parliament’s Economics and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON). Using the example of Sharon Bowles, ex-chair of ECON who has taken up a directorship at the London Stock Exchange, this article explores how politicians damage … Read more

Three strikes and you’re out, say Greens on Hinkley

Greens say the case for building a new nuclear power station at Hinkley is now firmly closed. They cite three strong arguments for not proceeding with the controversial Hinkley C power plant: European Competition law; cost and delay, and the irrelevance of nuclear for future electricity generation. These are in addition to the crucial issues … Read more

Greens warn of GM crop contamination in SW

Greens are warning that new EU legislation could open the way for GM crops to be grown in the South West. A planned compromise deal would allow EU states the option of banning genetically modified crops, but Greens say the legislation could in fact provide the opportunity for numerous new GMO crops to be cultivated … Read more