‘Renewables not nuclear’ tour of Somerset

‘Renewables not nuclear’ was the message Molly made during a tour of Somerset in late September. She joined a demonstration outside Hinkley nuclear power station before going on to speak at a Renewable Energy Fair.

The demonstration at Hinkley came in the wake of reports that EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia would rule in favour of the controversial Hinkley deal between the Coalition government and EDF.

Earlier in the week Dr Scott Cato confronted Mr Almunia in the European Parliament with a series of questions about the deal which offers a strike price for its electricity of £92.50 per MWh – roughly twice the current wholesale price of power – as well as state credit guarantee of £10bn. This, maintain the Greens, constitutes illegal state aid in breach of European market rules.

Molly Scott Cato said: “It’s clear the deal being offered by the UK government to EDF amounts to illegal state aid under EU rules. This expensive and dangerous technology has no place in a green low carbon future. That’s why I joined anti-nuclear protesters at Hinkley.

“But there’s another very important piece to this jigsaw. Given the enormous potential for renewable energy in the South West, those who generate electricity in a clean and sustainable way will face unfair competition if this dodgy deal gets the go-ahead.

“A green light to nuclear has potentially massive implications for EU goals on boosting the share of clean, safe and home-grown renewable energies, and the many jobs they create. 

“That’s why it was so important that I attended the important Renewables Fair in Somerset looking at renewable energy solutions.”