Conflict minerals

The following is a response from Molly to constituents who have asked questions about conflict minerals:

Thank you for raising the important issue of conflict minerals with me.

As Green MEP for the South-West of England I sit in the Group of Greens in the European Parliament. It is my Dutch Green colleague Judith Sargentini who has been the leader on this issue in the Parliament for several years now. It was she who drafted a Parliamentary report, ahead of the proposal from the Commission that you refer to, and it was she who negotiated this report through Parliament in order for it to call for tough and binding EU rules to root out conflict minerals.

Like you, Greens are concerned that the proposals from the Commission fall short of dealing with the huge problem of conflict minerals. You can see our position here . We have argued, as you mention, that the proposal is not sufficient as it only applies to goods produced in the EU, and not, as you mention, minerals from outside the EU where the majority of consumer goods are produced. It also does not ensure that companies comply, as the proposals are voluntary, and so does not deliver concrete legal requirements.

Please rest assured that when this legislation comes to Parliament Greens will be at the forefront of negotiating to make this legislation stronger. We will be pushing for the points that you raise, as well as tough sanctions for non-compliance. As the report will come through the International Trade committee it will be my German colleague Ska Keller who will lead on this for the Greens, with the support of Judith Sargentini. 

As a former professor of economics before becoming an MEP in May I have chosen to be on the Economics and Finance committee. I will be arguing for fairer and greener economic systems, based on real people and real economies, and not the unsustainable financial models and speculation of the past. I am also on the Agriculture committee to defend the farmers and producers of the South West, as well as to ensure overall health and better food supply chains free from GMOs and pesticides across the UK and Europe. 

Thank you again for taking the time to write to me. Please consider signing up to my fortnightly e-new through this website. 

Kind regards,