Bristol climate march


Molly took part in a climate march in Bristol joining millions worldwide in the largest climate mobilisation in history.  

Around 3000 South West residents marched on City Hall in Bristol where Molly was presented with a petition calling for 100% clean energy. The organisers also broadcast a phone call from Bristol’s Mayor, George Ferguson, who was at the People’s Climate March in New York City on the eve of an emergency summit of world leaders on climate change.

Speaking to the crowd on Cathedral Green, Molly said:

‘It is vital that in these negotiations the concerns and views of the world’s citizens are included in the debate and not left to some kind of parallel process. We need to be inside the room rather than leaving the debate in the hands of the elites and the corporations.’

‘As an economist I am sure that the solution to reducing our harmful carbon dioxide emissions lies in changing the way we organise our economy. We need to rapidly phase out the use of fossil fuels and our current use of them needs to achieve the maximum in terms of human well-being while helping transform us to a low carbon economy. I also think we need to introduce a carbon tax at the EU level so that the fossil economy is paying the cost of its environmental destruction. This would encourage the development of low energy and renewable technologies.”

The People’s Climate March took place in 88 countries worldwide to demand firm action by world leaders in addressing climate change.