A ‘One Minute Green Yes’ manifesto

When Molly appeared on the Tony Livesey show on BBC Radio 5 Live today, a day before Scotland’s historic vote, she was asked, along with three other panelists, to present the case for a Yes vote in 60 seconds. Here is her ‘One Minute Green Yes’ manifesto:

“As an economist I see Scotland as an extraordinarily rich country. I’m not just thinking about oil, I’m thinking about its land, its skillful people, its strong communities and its excellent capacity to build renewable energy and to generate clean energy for the future.

“Scotland can create a resilient economy that serves its people rather than serving elites or corporations.

“I also see an opportunity to rejuvenate our democracy and that’s something I’d like to share south of the border if the Scottish people vote yes. We’re one of the most centralized countries in Europe; we don’t have a proper written constitution; we don’t have proper elections so the votes don’t get translated into seats fairly. All of those things would be different in Scotland and I’d like to see them different in the UK as well.

“I think people can vote with hope and they have to reject fear. It’s been hugely inspiring to see the debate going on in Scotland for those of us south of the border who are looking to protect our public services and reject the crushing politics of austerity that we have been suffering from for far too long.”