Molly Scott Cato was Green MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar, first elected in May 2014 and re-elected with 18% of the vote in 2019. This site provides the news and information about Molly’s work as an MEP and the issues she was particularly involved in.

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Molly campaigned hard for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal and has been tirelessly exposing the dodgy organisations and wealthy individuals behind the Leave campaign and who are now pushing a hard-right agenda. 

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Molly’s emotional final speech to the European parliament – for now! “I hold in my heart the knowledge that one day I will be back in this chamber, celebrating our return to the heart of Europe.” 

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Since Molly Scott Cato was forced from office by Brexit, having been elected in 2019 to serve a second five year term, this website is now an archive and will no longer be updated. Please feel free
Green MEPs today voted against the Withdrawal Agreement when it came before the European parliament and issued a joint statment.
Molly writes for Green World on the decision of the Austrian Greens to enter into a governing coalition agreement with the right-wing Austrian People’s Party and what this says about the tough
In this final enews Molly reflects on leaving the European parliament and the EU.
Molly points to the implications of the rescue package on efforts to tackle climate change as well as potential breaching EU state aid rules.