These reports are prepared and published to support, or are a result of, the work of Molly in the European Parliament. They may relate to particular themes or issues or be responses to consultations.

Brexit and Trade: Moving from Globalisation to Self-Reliance

This report explores options for trade post-Brexit and concludes that a radical shift in economic policy, which reduces dependency on exports and makes the UK more self-sufficient, is the only chance there is of making Brexit successful.


Ploughing a Lone Furrow: Farming Policy Post Brexit

As the UK prepares for life outside the EU, Molly has commissioned two reports to inform policy makers, farmers, food producers and rural communities on how we can use Brexit as an opportunity to create an ecologically sustainable farming system and thriving rural communities.


Devonport: From Trident jobs to green employment

This report explores how the current 2000 or so Trident-related jobs in Plymouth could be replaced within the emerging local ‘green’ economy, making use of the great potential of existing local skills and facilities.


Renewable energy: a study of the government's recent performance

This report commissioned by Molly and researched and written by renewables specialists, Green Peninsula, looks in detail at changes to energy policy in the last eight months. Molly aims to use the report to challenge the Tory government, via the EU C...


Controlling Carbon

This report by Professor Victor Anderson compares and contrasts a number of possible levers for controlling carbon emissions before reaching a pragmatic conclusion about what to recommend.