Molly is a well established writer and has had several books published. She writes articles for a variety of outlets based around her areas of expertise and interest and her work in the European Parliament. The most recent articles can be found below, with further articles in the archive sections.

Austria’s quiet Green victory, trading in the politics of hope not fear

Molly writes for the Guardian on how the victory of a former Green Party leader as president of Austria over his far-right rival is cause for hope.


Autumn Statement: We can’t promise the earth then take steps to destroy it

Molly writes for Left Foot Forward on why and how the Green's plans for investment couldn't be more different from the infrastructure plans of Donald Trump.


Flooding Is Climate Change In Action - We Need To Work With Nature To Mitigate Its Impacts

Writing for Huffington Post, Molly explians the importance of investing in natural flood defences.


Why I’ll be wearing both a red and a white poppy when I commemorate Remembrance Sunday this year

Writing for the Independent, Molly explains the importance of showing gratitude for those who sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom but also the need to put as much effort into making peace as we do into making war.


Corbyn should follow Wallonia's lead and stand up against CETA

Molly writes for on why Greens have supported Wallonia's stand against the CETA trade agreement and how ultimately it will be the European Parliament who can block this dangerous deal.