Molly is a well established writer and has had several books published. She writes articles for a variety of outlets based around her areas of expertise and interest and her work in the European Parliament. The most recent articles can be found below, with further articles in the archive sections.

Disempower far-right climate change deniers. Don’t debate with them

Molly writes for the Guardian on the threats to climate action posed by the rise of the far right and by Brexit.

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Virgin Care must be kept away from the NHS

Molly writes for the Guardian on how privatisation has been a disaster for public services and why the NHS should be in public hands, not run by corporations like Richard Branson’s Virgin Care.

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Panic about a No Deal outcome might trigger an exit from Brexit. But is there a reverse gear?

Writing for Left Foot Forward, Molly looks at the legal and practical implications of revoking Article 50.

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A no-deal Brexit could make most of us poorer – and Jacob Rees-Mogg richer

Jacob Rees-Mogg has acknowledged any ‘Brexit dividend’ may take 50 years. So why is he pressing for a no-deal Brexit that would have such devastating impacts on his North East Somerset constituents? Writing for the Guardian Molly explores

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The ministers behind Vote Leave should be sacked

In the wake of the Electoral Commission investigation into Vote Leave and finding them guilty of breaking electoral law, Molly writes for the Guardian arguing Theresa May should sack ministers who were involved in the Leave campaign and that there

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