Molly is a well established writer and has had several books published. She writes articles for a variety of outlets based around her areas of expertise and interest and her work in the European Parliament. The most recent articles can be found below, with further articles in the archive sections.

One year until our planned departure from the EU - but the mandate for Brexit is no longer valid

Molly reflects on where we are one-year on from the triggering of article 50. She argues the mandate for Brexit is no longer valid and we have 365 days left to campaign for a people's poll on the final deal.


Vote Leave: a tangled web of voter manipulation and dodgy money

The allegations of illegal behaviour and electoral manipulation swirling around the EU referendum have become complex. Here Molly unpicks a tangled web.


An open letter to Mark Zuckerberg: It’s time to give Facebook to its users

Following the shocking Cambridge Analytica revelations, Molly argues that for Facebook to be a real social network, it needs to be owned by those who invest their personal lives in it.


What does eating meat have to do with extreme weather conditions like this week's snowstorms? Quite a lot, actually

Following hosted a debate in the European Parliament on how we can reduce the climate impact of our diets, Molly looks at the potential of reducing meat consumption by substituting it with protein crops.


Swapping dinner for crisps? There’s a reason Brexit metaphors are all about food

Writing for the New Statesman (Staggers) Molly explores why there are so many Brexit metaphors about food and warns that the Brextremists are keen to dilute food and environmental regulations.