Molly is a well established writer and has had several books published. She writes articles for a variety of outlets based around her areas of expertise and interest and her work in the European Parliament. The most recent articles can be found below, with further articles in the archive sections.

Theresa May's green half measures fail to reverse her government's dirty policies

A response for Business Green to the Conservative government's 25 year environment plan.


When it comes to Brexit, the old guard of politics need to realise that their time is up – and that includes Corbyn

Molly writes for Indy Voices about how David Davis and Jeremy Corbyn are both fighting yesterday’s battles and are two sides of the same coin when it comes to Brexit.


The last year made me fear for our democracy itself — 2018 must be a turning point

Molly writes a New Year message for Left Foot Forward on why it is up to us all to stop the rise of the dark antidemocratic forces, we thought we'd banished to history, but which seemed to reappear in 2017.


The Tories’ rebranding won’t wash: being green is about more than fluffy bunnies

The Tories are trying to rebrand themselves as a green animal loving Party, but they need to see the bigger picture on fracking, renewables and ecology, says Molly in this article for the Guardian.


I’m demanding the release of the hidden Brexit impact assessments in the High Court. Here’s why

Molly has applied for a judicial review in the High Court seeking to force the government to release the Brexit studies they claim don't exist. In this article for Left Foot Forward she expalins the reasons behind the action.