Greens call for a ‘work revolution’ in wake of increased automation and poverty wages

Responding to the threats posed by increased automation, Molly has called for a work revolution to reduce stress and poverty and increase health and welfare.

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Green MEP responds to CBI call for new Freedom of Movement rules

Molly says free movement proposals by the CBI are almost entirely possible under existing EU law.

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Green MEP to join People’s March rally in Bristol this Saturday

Molly will join a cross-party group of politicians and campaign groups at a rally in Bristol this Saturday calling for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

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On Earth Overshoot Day, Greens warn Brexit will be a huge step backwards for UK environmental protections

The UK's three Green MEPs have responded to a government consultation on Environmental Principles and Governance after the UK leaves the EU.

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Green MEP launches petition demanding BBC refuse airtime to organisations lacking transparency over funding

Molly has launched a petition calling on the BBC to stop giving airtime to organisations whose funding is not transparent.

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