Greens launch report on alternatives to glyphosate as Monsanto face lawsuits over ‘carcinogenic’ weed killer

A report commissioned by the Greens in Europe details different methods of weed control to using glyphosate and other chemicals.

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Green MEP calls for end to ‘stranglehold’ of Big Four accountancy firms

A new report from Corporate Europe Observatory reveals how the Big Four global accountancy firms profit from selling tax dodging schemes while also advising the EU on policies to stop tax avoidance.

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Green initiative on ending criminalisation of humanitarian assistance to refugees gets backing of MEPs

MEPs have this week voted in favour of a Green initiative calling on EU governments to stop criminalising humanitarian assistance to desperate refugees.

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Cross-party statement challenging Brexit mandate and calling for People's Vote

A cross-party group of MEPs have issued a statement which challenges the mandate for Brexit and demands a People’s Vote on the final deal between the UK and EU.

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“Keep eye on the ball” warns MEP, as leaked Electoral Commission report shows Vote Leave broke electoral law

Molly has accused Leave campaign leaders of contempt following their decision to leak information from a forthcoming Electoral Commission report.

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