Working for tax justice has been a major part of Molly’s work as an MEP. Through her membership of the Economics and Monetary Affairs committee, special committee on tax – which investigated tax avoidance in the wake of the LuxLeaks scandal – and the committee of inquiry into the Panama Papers, she has challenged corporations and wealthy elites over their dodgy tax practices. She has worked to create fairer tax rules such as an EU register of beneficial owners of companies, a tax havens blacklist and a common consolidated corporate tax base (CCCTB).

Molly shares the concerns of many that the UK may drastically lower tax rates for large corporations once the UK has left the EU and turn itself into a tax haven.  She has been holding the British government to account on tax avoidance, and has advocated a fair and transparent tax system post-Brexit.

She has also worked on legislation to close corporate tax loopholes, run a successfully campaign to remove VAT from sanitary products and successfully lobbied the EU Commission for a VAT exemption for small businesses


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