Attribution: (C) Lars Aronsson (Own work) [see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons

Before being elected as an MEP Molly worked as an economist, most recently in the post of Professor of Green Economics at Roehampton University. Molly believes many environmental and social problems have their origin in the way our economy is organised. As a Green economist she seeks to build an economy based around local production for the common good rather than global trade for profit.

Molly is a member of the Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee and has taken on responsibility for tax policy for the Green Group. The Group’s primary objective during this parliamentary term is to introduce laws that prevent the massive-scale avoidance of tax by corporations that leave governments across the EU with insufficient money to invest properly in infrastructure and public services.

Molly will also be working on the Financial Transactions Tax, a small percentage tax that has the ability to slow down rapid and risky financial trading, while also generating income that can be spent on climate-change and poverty-related investments. The UK government is blocking the introduction of this tax, although more enlightened countries are taking it forward.


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