Climate change

In the lead-up to the EU referendum Molly highlighted the important role the EU plays in setting emissions targets and delivering action to tackle climate change. The EU was instrumental in the success of the Paris Agreement on climate change and Molly was able to vote in favour of this historic agreement in the European Parliament. Ahead of climate negotiations she commissioned a report exploring ways to control carbon emissions.

As an economist and member of the Economics and Monetary Affairs Committee Molly has done a lot of work around ‘climate finance’ challenging the European Investment Bank on the risks of the ‘carbon bubble’ urging it to divest from carbon intensive assets. She has warned that the overvaluation of oil, gas and coal – fossil fuel assets which scientists say must remain unexploited if global warming is to be limited below 2°C – could lead to a new financial crisis.

Molly has been the only South West MEP to strongly oppose fracking and has challenged other South West MPs and MEPs to follow the Greens in supporting a ban on all shale gas exploration. She has championed divestment and for all further fossil fuel reserves to be left in the ground.  Molly has called on the government to follow the European Parliament’s progressive approach, acknowledging investments in pension and investment funds can be a powerful tool in driving social, environmental and economic change.


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