Molly in the European Parliament

Molly is delighted to have gained a place on the Economics and Monetary Policy Committee where Greens have already made their mark by tightening up bank regulation and introducing the bankers’ bonus cap. She has been a strong advocate of separating retail and commercial banking and of reforming monetary policy so that money is created for public good rather than private profit.

Molly is a substitute member of the Agriculture Committee, a position that reflects her keen interest in issues related to food and farming and their importance to the South West. She is keen to challenge the industrial model of agricultural production that dominates in the EU and to focus attention instead of high standards of animal welfare and sustainable local food systems.

Areas of work

The following are Molly’s main focuses, but her work is not limited to these areas. Please click on each image for more information.


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Climate change

Climate change



Food and farming

Food and farming

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Marine conservation

Human rights


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Peace building

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Latin America