e-news 30th January 2015

Molly spends most of her time in Brussels or Strasbourg but this edition includes news about Molly’s visits to places in the large South West constituency and about how she is supporting her constituents efforts to improve their quality of life.

e-news 13th November 2014

e-news sent on 13th November 2014. Issues include: a challenge to Commission President Juncker on the Luxleaks scandal, Molly’s visit to Cornwall to find out what European funding is doing to support the region and her appearance on a TTIP panel in Bristol.

e-news 30th October 2014

e-news sent on 30th October 2014. Issues include: flooding, banking rules, Hinkley update, concerns about ‘biodiversity offsetting, and bullfighting. Also news about Molly’s work in the SW constituency and media appearances.

e-news, 17 September 2014

Dodgey appointments to the European Commission Molly has returned to the European Parliament to find that the Greens will have their work cut out. President Juncker’s proposed new European Commission includes Eurosceptic Tory UK Commissioner Lord Hill as financial services commissioner and Spanish Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete for the combined Energy and Climate Action portfolio. … Read moree-news, 17 September 2014