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Joy of Tax

The Joy of Tax: Tax may not sound sexy, but it is the price we pay for being part of a civilised society, argues Molly Scott Cato


Scrapping EU Air Pollution and Waste Recycling Laws Would Be Folly

An article written jointly with Keith Taylor in which both MEPs defend two important but threatened EU packages on ‘clean air’ and the ‘circular economy (waste)’.


The Pope of the poor and the Seven Deadly Sins of banking practice

Whether you choose the religious terminology of sin or the secular language of social harm, it is clear that banks have not been helping the poor but have focused on the wealthy few.


Waging peace in an era of militarisation

Published on Remembrance Day, Molly argues that the militarisation of society has become normalised and that war and its thousands of victims have become part of the scenery of our lives. She suggests there is a risk that the red poppy itself, that poignant symbol of loss and respect, is being hijacked by a particular interpretation of what it means to be patriotic.


Hinkley nuclear power plant bombshell for out-going European Commission

New Statesman

Published 7th October 2014

Molly’s plea to the 28-strong outgoing European Commission over Hinkley, a decision with far-reaching consequences, both for the integrity of decision making in Europe and for European energy policy for anything up to the next 50 years.