As Green Party Brexit speaker, Molly has responded to today’s speech by David Davis in Vienna in which he claimed the government wants to lead a ‘global race to the top’, citing UK legislation to regulate drones. She said:

“Davis droning on about his determination to lead a race to the top in global standards is countered by his Brexiteers friends from free-market think-tanks plotting for the UK to adopt lower US safety standards on food and drugs.

“Pledging to avoid a Mad Max style dystopian world is setting the bar pretty low. What happened to the sunlit uplands of freedom and prosperity? Perhaps a more apt fictional comparison would be the Mad Hatter’s tea party where Brexiteers demand cake but are served up instead with chlorinated chicken and hormone-reared beef.

“As the fictional and fanciful promises evaporate we must demand our right to a Final Say referendum on the real deal, with an option of remaining in the EU.”