Molly Scott Cato is Green MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar, elected in May 2014. This site provides the latest news about Molly’s work as an MEP and the issues she is particularly involved in.

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Molly is campaigning hard for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal and has been tirelessly exposing the dodgy organisations and wealthy individuals behind the Leave campaign and who are now pushing a hard-right agenda. 

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Molly tells the European Parliament that the will of the British people has changed on our EU membership. Pointing at UKIP and former UKIP MEPs she says the country has turned against their Brexit chaos. 

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A new report commissioned by Molly is calling for a transition to organic farming as a way for agriculture to play its part in reducing carbon emissions.
Following on from this week's report from the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee which denounces Facebook and its executives as “digital gangsters”, a new report documenting the role
This report examines the role Facebook has played in abuses of personal data for political purposes and the spread of disinformation and makes policy recommendations to ensure that such abuses are
Molly was one of three Green MEPs arrested after breaking into a Belgian military airbase to protest against its stockpiling of American B61 nuclear bombs.
A report exploring the benefits to our climate, human and natural health of agro-ecology, permaculture and organic farming practices by former Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett.